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by Staff - 1 month ago

Why is Sudan off the 'Muslim ban' while Chad is on it?

Nisrin Omer Earlier this year, the then White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, argued that the 109 airport detentions authorised under the first Muslim ban were a "minor inconvenience" to keep America safe. I was among those 109 people who were de...

by Staff - 1 month ago

The Art of Politics: If You Want To Change Things

Former Rep. Lee Hamilton [Commentary] One of the gifts of living in a representative democracy is that voting is only one of the rights it confers. For ordinary people who want to make change — who in some way want to alter their neighborhood or town...

by Staff - 1 month ago

The African American Student Debt Crisis

Photo: Center for American Progress Two weeks ago, the U.S. Department of Education provided the first-ever look at long-term outcomes for student loan borrowers, including results by race and ethnicity.Tags:& Racial discriminationCenter for America...