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by Staff - 3 days ago

HYSTERICAL: Katy Perry Selling Concert Tickets On Groupon

HYSTERICAL: Katy Perry Selling Concert Tickets On Groupon Apparently, things are not just bad for Johnny Depp and Alyssa Milano. It seems that many in Hollywood experience bad financial news. We warned them to stop the Trump hate. But they didn’...

by Staff - 1 week ago

We must have a new Poor People’s Campaign

Channeling the incisive analysis of our best historians, TaNehisi Coates cut through the talking points of political pundits last week to name Donald Trump America’s “first white president.” Writing for The Atlantic, the National Book Award recipient...

by Staff - 1 week ago

When the young die

Last weekend, Kenneka Jenkins did what many teenagers do — she lied to her parents and headed out to kick it with friends. If she was anything like the teens I knew growing up, there was some thought given to…

by Staff - 1 week ago

There is strength in vulnerability

This past week has been one of deep reflection for me for a variety of reasons, but most significantly I have reflected on the awesome power of God.

by Staff - 1 week ago

Wayne's Words: The City of Champions

The subject of sports, particularly youth sports, is deeply imbedded in the City of Joliet and its environs. The slogan “City of Champions” is part of the city’s moniker. Joliet has developed many successful athletes throughout its history. High scho...

by Staff - 1 week ago

In Our Own Backyard: The Coffee Connection

If the tidal wave of hurricanes, tropical storms and tornadoes hasn’t changed your perspective about climate change, here’s something closer to home: a new study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences says it has measured the im...

by Staff - 1 week ago

Wayne's Words: City Budget

One of the easiest complaints to make about government is that it spends too much money. “My taxes are too high” is the refrain heard from almost everyone. Belt tightening at all levels is what’s needed according to most people. One step towards “be...

by Staff - 2 weeks ago

Time to raise the wage

At first glance, Hoosier workers had a lot to celebrate Monday, on Labor Day. Unemployment is at a near-record low, and the state has the seventh lowest jobless rate in the country.

by Staff - 2 weeks ago

Would you buy a used car from Trump???

Letter to Editor Would you buy a used car from Trump??? Trump skipped a GOP debate on January 28, 2016 to raise 6 million dollars for veterans. He said he did, then admitted it was a “lie”. The Wall Street Journal found that roughly 2. 4 million doll...

by Staff - 2 weeks ago

The storm this time

Lucius Gantt The Gantt Report The storm this time By Lucius Gantt       The price of gasoline recently increased dramatically after parts of Texas were flooded in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. An even more severe hurricane, Irma, is expected t...