10 Steps To Feeling More Beautiful

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How to be more beautiful…it’s something we all wonder about at some point or other. But most of us eventually learn that expensive clothes and designer shoes are not the key to inner beauty. The fact is, they’re not even essential for looking beautiful. You’ve heard it all of your life, right? Well now is the time to put it into practice. The more beautiful you feel inside the more you exude beauty on the outside. Ready? Here are a few simple steps to finding a more beautiful you. Step 1. Turn off the ringer on your phone. Turn off the TV or radio. Step 2. Start by selecting a relaxing room or area of your home. If possible, add a vase or basket of fresh-cut flowers to help set the mood. Choose a comfortable seat on a chair, sofa or chaise lounge. Step 3. Just sit for a moment or two and take in the serenity of the silence. Now, lie back and relax into a comfortable position and close your eyes. Inhale deeply. Exhale slowly. Repeat. Step 4. Empty your mind of all negative thoughts about yourself. An easy method to do this is, for each negative thought...