10 Things Black Parents Go Through Dealing With Children Who Have ADHD

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It might be difficult for parents with neurodiverse children to make the leap into homeschooling.Many U.S. public schools aren’t equipped to handle children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, which can lead to victimization, emotional distress, and academic failure.However, homeschooling has many downsides, including social isolation. The question then becomes how families decide between homeschooling and institutional education.Schools Are Not Equipped To Teach Kids With ADHDUsers in the community, including special education support workers with children who have autism and ADHD, agree that most schools are not equipped to teach children with the disorder.With absolute certainty, many people agree that our educational system is not set up to provide these kids with the help, information, and socializing they require. Bullying Is A Big Problem In SchoolsSome older adults reflect on their own school days and are shocked to recall the extent to which students who were different from them were victimized by bullies. “I recall how other students handled youngsters like him while I was in school. That crushes my heart to think of it happening to my son,” says one anxious parent.RELATED: The Do’s And Don’ts Of Disciplining A Child With ADHDWhen Kids Need Extra Help, They’re Left Behind In...