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10 Ways Castor Oil Can Give You Amazing Skin

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Even before castor oil caught the attention of skincare and medical professionals, it was being used to treat a variety of conditions. Though a lot more research needs to be done, there is sufficient evidence that using this oil on your skin can yield some great benefits.  & 10 Benefits Of Using Castor Oil On Your Skin It Can Reduce Acne & Acne is generally caused by the accumulation of bacteria and oil in the pores. Since castor oil is known for its antimicrobial properties, it can help to reduce the formation of acne. It Can Give You Smooth Skin & Castor oil is a good source of fatty acids, which encourage soft skin and smooth skin.  It Can Even Out Your Skin Tone & It’s been shown that castor oil promotes the growth of healthy skin cells so this can help to even out your skin tone.  It Can Prevent Wrinkles & You usually get wrinkles because of decreased production of natural oils and the action of free radicals that make your skin less elastic. Castor oil can encourage the production of your skin’s natural oils and also has antioxidant properties that can fight skin damage from free radicals. ...