12 Songs About Feeling Alone

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Feeling lonely and alone is something that is quite common in our society. Sometimes it can happen when you are around people. This is due to not feeling connected with anyone or you feel like no one understands you. Here is a list of songs about feeling alone: 1. Lauv – Modern Loneliness Lauv sings about the modern way of being lonely despite having friends surrounding you and access to modern technology which makes communication so easy. & 2. Justin Bieber – Lonely Justin opens up about how becoming very famous at a young age affected him and reflects on how he sacrificed his privacy & adolescence for fame and wealth. He had everything but felt like he had nothing and no one. & 3. Taylor Swift – The Outside Taylor shares a personal experience back when she was in school and felt like she was a complete outcast at school and never fit in. & 4. Marshmello – Alone This is an EDM track about missing home and the person you love. It was released in May 2016 and was inspired by Marshmello moving away from his friends and family and started feeling lonely and homesick. & 5. Lewis...