4 Tips to Fool the Eye and Get an Illusion of a Bigger Room


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By Staff Writer If you live in a small space, everything has the potential to make a massive difference. And that’s the key idea behind this article. In this article, we’ll teach you tips and tricks that can help you make your small room look bigger by the application of just a few clever tips and tricks. Unfortunately, the small rooms can make the space look uncomfortable and confining. However, there are a few design concepts, which can fool the eye and make any space look more spacious than it already is. Furniture arrangements, color techniques, and smart lighting are just a few of the many topics that will be covered in this post. Hopefully, these ideas will be inspiring for you.& Use clever contrasts and light areas It is a well-known fact that light colors have the potential to make space look brighter and bigger. Bright walls and light together act as reflective and make space feel more airy and open. This helps maximize the effect, which is created with the help of natural light. On the other hand, the dark colors absorb the light and make the room look smaller. To achieve an optimum effect, you should opt...