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5 Ways To End The BEEF

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When you first enroll in college, some universities require that you must live on campus if you are classified as an undergraduate student. Never do you think that going into this that you could be dealing with a person who you may have to end beef with. One of those universities is Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU).  Before arriving on campus, they give you the contact information of your college roommate. In college, roommate issues are common, but sometimes, if you are lucky enough, you will make an unexpected friend. Georgetown University’s research last year reported that it is likely for one in three college students to have roommate issues. Most roommate issues are easily resolved, but if not, these issues grow and get out of hand. 5 Ways To End The Beef Direct conversation through text message. Heighten security. Get legal proof of the issues happening. Consulting authorities. Move from the residence. Direct Conversation To End The Beef Mayah Thomas, a Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University student, mentions she ran into minor issues that escalated into something more. Her roommate would bring extra guests and post their in-house discussions on social media. In this case, the first way...