50 Cent Says Black Women Get Upset Because He Dates Exotic Women; Also Give Their Takes On Who Would Win A Verzuz Battle Between Him And T.I. (Video-Tweets)

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If 50 Cent is trending on Twitter its always for some type of trolling he’s done. That is not the case today. He’s trending for multiple reasons and none include him trolling. First, it’s his birthday today. He turned 45 but you wouldn’t be able to tell. Second, T.I. challenged him to a Verzuz battle and fans are debating who would win. The last thing he’s trending for is the more controversial thing and has people, mainly black women, rightfully mad. 50 appeared on Lil Waynes video podcast and made some very insensitive comments and insinuations about black women saying that black women get angry because he dates non black women who he says are exotic. By saying that he’s implying that, one, black women care about who he dates. Two, he insinuates that black women aren’t exotic and three, he helps feed the stereotype that black women are angry. Definitely not a good look for 50 and not a good look for Lil Wayne to allow it. Flip the page to see the videos and tweets.