6 Friends Can’t Confirm Existence Of Tim Scott’s Mystery Girlfriend

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It may sound like high school banter, but many are wondering if the formerly proud adult virgin Tim Scott now has a girlfriend. So why does this matter? Tim Scott, the junior U.S. senator from South Carolina since 2013, is a Republican candidate for the 2024 presidential election. And being that he is with the pro-traditional marriage, not-so-LGBTQ-friendly GOP, Scott’s relationship status could be important. In the 1990s, Scott famously referred to himself as a “proud” virgin. He promoted himself as a God-fearing 30-year-old virgin while seeking a seat in Charleston’s city council in 1995. Then, in 2012 he seemingly tried to walk it back, New York Magazine reported. According to a recently interview with Fox News Scott revealed there was indeed a girlfriend, albeit a mysterious one. Scott, who at 57 has never been married and who is a devout evangelical, described his girlfriend as a “wonderful Christian woman.” But he also questioned the motives behind the interest in his love life. However it was Scott himself who sparked that questions. During an event organized by Axios in May, he casually mentioned, “My girlfriend wants to see me when I come home.” The remark was unusual because Scott tended...