65-Year Old Police Officer Killed Just 2 Weeks Before His Retirement

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NATIONWIDE — Sergeant Harold Preston, a Houston police officer, was sadly shot and killed while responding to a domestic violence call at an apartment complex on the south side of the city. The 65-year old police officer was only two weeks away from his retirement. Preston was shot repeatedly by the suspect. He suffered multiple head injuries and was also shot in the spine. He was surrounded by family when he sadly died. According to reports, the suspect’s estranged wife called the police, saying she wanted to move out but was unable to get her things inside their apartment. The suspect, who was identified as 51-year old Elmer Manzano, was found holding a gun when his 14-year old son opened the door with his keys. Manzano then fired multiple shots, repeatedly hitting Preston. Another police officer, Courtney Waller, was injured after being shot in the arm. Manzano and his son were also shot during the incident but are expected to be okay. Manzano, who had a long criminal history, is currently held without bond. Meanwhile, Preston, who served in the police force for 41 years, is described as having been a leader of the department. “As good as he was...