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By Gordon Jackson The story of Deion “Coach Prime” Sanders leaving as head football coach of Jackson State to take a similar position at Colorado University has erupted a firestorm of discussion that has gone from one extreme to another in opinions.  Regardless of where you stand, here’s OUR Bottom Line: There’s been a systemic injustice practiced over at least the past five decades in college sports regarding OUR colleges and athletic programs versus THEIR colleges and athletic programs.  THEIR colleges and athletic programs have been able to recruit the majority of the top Black high school athletes in OUR community, keeping many of them away from OUR colleges and athletic programs. Thus, THEIR colleges and highly successful athletic programs have made billions of dollars off the backs of OUR top student athletes.  Deion “Coach Prime” Sanders comes and develops and exercise a model where he helps one of OUR college and athletic programs recruit some of the best of OUR top high school athletes, turning around one of OUR athletic programs, while shattering the myth that OUR student athletes don’t want to come to OUR colleges and athletic programs or cannot make it to the pros (example: James Houston...