A republic — if you can keep it

Black Local and National News

by BA 16 Views

Thousands of President Donald Trump’s supporters attempted a coup d’etat last week. Their actions led to the deaths of at least six people, two of whom were police officers. Even more tragic, if that’s possible, is the fact that one of the officers committed suicide three days after defending the Capitol from the rioters. (CBS News reported that several Capitol Police officers have indicated that they would harm themselves as a result of the riot.) Further, at least 50 officers were injured in the melee. The above are statements of fact. Efforts to water them down, understate their implications or render them “fake news” are futile. Truth may need help to transmit itself to the masses, but it needs no assistance to validate itself. Truth is inherently self-validating. Recognizing the abandonment of truth is central to understanding our nation’s current predicament. The lack of truth is at the core of the failed coup. Insurrections do not spring forth fully formed out of nowhere. They have antecedents. Idle talk comes long before decisive action. Ideas — even faulty ones — germinate in the mind before they culminate in the hand. Veracity is not a prerequisite. The origins of this insurrection are...