Academic colonization and the UnHoused Nation

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Heading to the president’s mansion at Columbia University. From Berkeley to Philly, from Temple University to San Francisco and LA, these universities continue the land theft of the original colonizers – the settler violence of seizing Black and Indigenous land for private property. The role of academia in increased and violent homelessness, gentrification and land theft from Berkeley to NYC by Tiny Gray-Garcia, POOR Magazine “Columbia University built the Manhattanville campus and caused the eviction and displacement of hundreds of low-income tenants and will be bringing in more students, which will cause more housing shortages and more displacement,” said Rosie to PoorNewsNetwork.& Rosie is a Columbia University student and member of Columbia Housing Equity Club. She and this formerly houseless poverty skola stood together as we began our Stolen Land/Hoarded Resources UnTour in occupied Lenape Territory outside the Greco-Roman pillars that marked the front of the infamous Columbia University campus. “UC Berkeley is building an 11-story student housing building, which is taller than all the student housing they currently have. None of the current houseless residents of People’s Park have been offered homes in the so-called affordable housing part of the project and probably never will.& “The little bit of...