Accessing Healthcare During COVID-19

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By Peter White NASHVILLE, TN — The essential workers who harvest our food and stock grocery store shelves are helping us survive the pandemic. We would starve without them. They are largely underpaid and uninsured. Many frontline workers and their families can’t afford the high cost of treatment for COVID-19. Last March, first responders got PPEs. They got tested. But nobody thought about meatpackers, bus drivers, gardeners, truck drivers, construction workers, food industry workers, and farmworkers. They were taken for granted and largely forgotten. For Because they rarely have health insurance, in order to pay for such a course of treatment, a California farm worker would have to go entirelywithout meals, housing, and transportation for two months. Most people will starve to death by around 40 days without food. them, accessing healthcare during the pandemic can be a crisis in itself. And begs a serious question: Who Shall Live? About 90% of farmworkers in California are Latino immigrants and 60%-80% are undocumented, according to Dr. David E. Hayes-Bautista, director of the Center for the Study of Latino Heath and Culture at UCLA. Although essential workers, they are not covered under Obamacare. And unlike some jobs, you can’t do farm work...