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According to New Research from The Mom Project, Black Moms Feel a Lack of Company Support and Resources in Balancing Work and Motherhood Despite the Fact that 98% Pursued Opportunities to Access Higher Earning Potential

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By BUSINESS WIRE CHICAGO (BUSINESS WIRE)—The Mom Project, a leading digital talent platform serving over one million moms and 3,000+ companies, [recently] released its new report: “Black Moms – Challenges and Potential” through Werklabs, the research arm of The Mom Project. As part of the Nuances of Motherhood survey series, these results are aimed to improve the understanding of the unique experiences and challenges Black moms face as they balance family and career. The research report provides insights and a roadmap for organizations to better support Black moms by identifying the best ways to retain this valuable part of the workforce. According to the survey, 74% of Black moms have pursued a career pivot, such as reskilling or changing career paths, at a higher percentage than any other demographic group surveyed. The top three reasons for pursuing a career pivot include: 1) greater economic opportunity, 2) greater flexibility in work, and 3) more enjoyable work. In addition, while women’s labor market participation has increased markedly as they re-enter the workforce post pandemic, for Black moms these gains have been relatively unsteady, and many organizations continue to struggle with retention. Notably, 82% of Black moms find pursuing growth and career advancement...