Activists Demand FERC Halt Fossil Deals On Eve of Biden Swearing In


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Photos: Twitter\Wikimedia Commons Ted Glick, spokesperson for Beyond Extreme Energy, today accused Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Chair James Danly of “Trumpist extremism” in his transparent attempt to use his likely last meeting as chair to try to advance a regressive, pro-fossil fuels agenda through the approval of certificates for a dozen gas pipelines and gas export terminals around the country. Tags:& Black Star NewsTed GlickBeyond Extreme EnergyFERC Chair James Danly“Trumpist extremism”gas pipelines and gas export terminalsPresident Joe BidenNew Fortress EnergySabal Trail TransmissionRio Grande LNGAlgonquin Gas TransmissionMaritimes and Northeast PipelineIroquois Gas TransmissionPenn East PipelineMountain Valley PipelineGolden Pass LNGPacific Connector Gas PipelineJordan Cove EnergySpire STL PipelineMOPRtwice-impeached Donald Trump