Adams Administration Launches Citywide ‘NYC Speaks’ Survey Initiative

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NEW YORK (January 14, 2022)--NYC Speaks–the public engagement campaign designed to inform the priorities of newly elected Mayor Eric Adams and his administration– announced today the launch of the first phase of the initiative: a citywide survey that will seek input from New Yorkers about their communities, the issues they face and the future of the city.The survey, which can be completed at, will be open to the public from today through January 28, 2022. The survey asks New Yorkers a variety of questions about topics that concern them such as Health & Well-being, Housing & Neighborhoods, Economy & Workforce, Racial Equity, Gender Justice, Climate & Infrastructure, Education & Youth Development, Public Safety, Arts & Culture, and Civic Engagement. In addition to English, the survey will be available online in the top 10 languages spoken by New Yorkers with limited English proficiency: Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Bengali, Haitian Creole, Korean, Arabic, Urdu, French, and Polish.NYC Speaks is focusing on driving participation in communities that are too often left out of decision making processes and shaped by disparities. 18 organizations are acting as Community Data Partners, overseeing the work of more than 150 on-the-ground canvassers in the 33 priority neighborhoods identified...