After Video Released of Doja Cat Hanging Out in White Supremacists Chat Rooms, Her Old Tweets About Wishing to Be White, Because Black Lives Have No Value Have Surface; Doja Cat Also Made Song Mocking The Murder of Sandra Bland (Tweets-Vids)

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Doja Cat obviously has some deep rooted issues with herself that she needs to work through. It is one thing to have these feelings in private, but when you are encouraging white supremacists in chat rooms and making songs mocking black people being murdered by the cops, you have taken it too far. I am not one to always scream out cancel every time something happens, but it is hard to be a supporter of hers now that this all have come out. She has yet to make a public statement about this and it should be noted these things didn’t happen years ago, some happened as early as this month. Flip the page for her tweet wishing she was white and the disgusting videos with the white supremacists.