Against all odds, Mama Mesha Irizarry lives to fight another year

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For nearly 21 years, Mama Mesha Irizarry has carried the story of the murder of her only child, Idriss Stelley, by San Francisco police to stop police murder once and for all. She has led marches, testified before every body with the power to stop it, and spent her entire half million dollar settlement on organizing other families of the victims of police brutality and murder. Send her some love and light on Facebook. by Dr. Ahimsa Porter Sumchai, Health and Environmental Science Editor An unstoppable force collided with an immovable object on July 12, 2021, when community icon Mesha Irizarry learned she had an aggressive cancer of the bone marrow and blood called Acute Myeloblastic Leukemia, or AML. After months of “feeling horrible,” with pain in her bones, joints and rib cage, she sought repeat COVID-19 testing at nearby Southeast Health Center and a complete blood count or CBC.& The COVID test was negative, but the CBC revealed her white blood cell count to be wildly out of range. A normal human white cell count ranges from 3,400 to 9,600 cells per microliter. Her white cell count was over 16,000! The next morning, she underwent bone marrow biopsy conducted...