Ahmaud Arbery And The Case For Making Georgia America’s First Majority Black State


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(Photos: Twitter)Black America can take a moment to exhale with the guilty verdict for the three men accused of murdering Ahmaud Arbery. The jury decision is a small vindication of the criminal justice system, yet fails to address a damming question that the tragic incident symbolizes: How can Black people ever be secure in America?Executed by three strangers while jogging in a white neighborhood, Arbery’s killing reflects the mindset of domination in the culture of white supremacy: the belief that any random white person has the right to accost and detain a Black person with impunity. Authorities are ready to accept their claims of righteous endangerment – even when they are the instigators of the danger.Yet, the Arbery encounter is just the latest in a series of violent racial incidents that linger in memory: George Floyd, Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner, and so many others. The fatal consequences are recounted on television and social media and trigger episodes of post-traumatic stress in the Black psyche.