Alabama Gets One Step Closer To Congressional Map Changes And Majority-Black Voting Districts

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Source: Susanne Neumann / Getty UPDATED: 11:00 a.m. ET, Oct. 3 Alabama residents are one step closer to finally getting a majority-Black voting district, something Republicans have fought against for decades. According to AP, on Tuesday a three-judge panel will likely approve new congressional districts in the state after the Supreme Court allowed the drawing of a new congressional map in the state, which would give greater representation to Black voters. The court is expected to hear details on three proposed plans for new congressional maps, which were created by Richard Allen, a court-appointed special master, to be used in the 2024 elections.  Each proposal under discussion will create a second district with majority-Black voters.  The Alabama attorney general’s office has said they reject all three proposals, but last week justices rejected the state’s emergency request to keep Republican-drawn lines, which was also rejected by a lower court over the summer. In June, a three-judge panel ruled that the state’s plan with one majority-Black district out of seven violated the U.S. Voting Rights Act. Last week, an Alabama court-appointed special master submitted proposals for congressional districts that would create greater representation for Black voters. According to AP, court-appointed special master...