Allison Jean Concerned Over ‘Semblance Of Anarchy’ In Saint Lucia

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Dr. Allison Jean has expressed concern over the escalation of gun violence in Saint Lucia, declaring that there seems to be a semblance of anarchy. Jean, a government Senator, spoke in an interview with reporters on Tuesday in response to the question of whether Saint Lucia could be identified as a failed state due to the crime situation. “I don’t know if to go as far as saying it’s a failed state, but certainly there seems to be anarchy, some semblance of anarchy in our country,” was her response. And Jean declared it was time to curtail the problem while expressing concern over Saint Lucia’s image. “The last weekend was terrible,” Jean noted, a reference to two fatal shootings and fourteen people sustaining gunshot injuries in separate incidents. She recalled that there had been crime symposia in the past offering recommendations. In this regard, the Senator told reporters there was a need to examine those recommendations and work towards implementing them. “For example, if you have witnesses who are not coming forward, what is the reason for that? There is mistrust in the police but is there adequate witness protection of these individuals? Because you are are hearing sometimes that...