Amber Rose Says She’s Teaming Up With Brittany Renner For Step Daddy Season After Her Boyfriend Alexander Edwards Cheated on Her 12 Times

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On the surface, you would think Amber Rose and Brittany Renner have a lot in common. Most people would point out that they are very honest and open about their sexuality and dealings with men. Rose even organized something called a “SLUT WALK” and is supposed to be about women’s empowerment. If you dig a little deeper, though, their situations, at least recently, are really different.Renner has confirmed that she broke up with Washington, but she has been vague about why. The most she has said is that she is following her heart and what makes her happy. At the moment, it doesn’t seem like cheating was involved, but that Washington wanted her to be June Cleaver after they had the baby, and she wanted to be the way she has always been which is free to do what she wants.