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Amina Buddafly and her kids, Bronx and Cori, are featured in the latest issue of Trustworthy magazine. The celebrity mom took to Instagram to promote the new cover. “Thank you @trustworthymagazine for featuring me and my babies in the November issue,” Amina wrote to the media source. “I ain’t chasing nothing but happiness and feeling good every day,” the celebrity mom shared in another social media post. Amina Buddafly has big plans for the holidays. “I will take my girls to Germany, as I like to do almost every year,” the celebrity mom shared with Trustworthy magazine. “We’re going to see my family there – I have a brand new niece, and we just can’t wait to be home,” Buddafly exclaimed. It has been eight years since Amina and her children’s father, Peter Gunz, were featured on Love and Hip Hop (LHH). The celebrity mom still gets questions about her moving on from that period of her life despite moving across the country and re-establishing herself. “I have gotten used to it, and it doesn’t bother me,” Amina said of those who still ask about her ex-husband. “I look at it and shake my head because they’re the ones stuck...