An Ode to a Martha's Vineyard Vacation


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On Oak Bluffs in Martha's VineyardAn Ode to Martha's VineyardI close my eyes; and, I experience heaven...It looks like sunny skies, blue waters and beautiful gardens full of hydrangeas.It smells like salty air, lobster rolls cooking and the aroma of fresh flowers.It feels like soft sans with bits of rock mixed with cool breezes and a hint of rain falling on my arms.& I close my eyes; and, I am at the Vineyard.Traveling to Martha's Vineyard is a ProcessI never wanted to be one of those people who said, "You need to experience it to understand." So, instead, I am sharing what I know. Before, I do that though, I shall disclose a rather obvious casualty of the pandemic that I experienced, cystic acne on my chin. It's obvious in the photo. So, I thought I'd explain. Working out in the gym, with a mask, left me with the worst chin acne of my life. The irony, I was working out extra hard because of my planned, beach vacations. The moral is, "vanity has its consequences!"Here's what I learned about traveling to "The Vineyard", it is a process. You can fly directly to Martha's Vineyard. Many of the people I...