Angela Dawson: Helping Black Farmers Build Generational Wealth

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by BA 60 Views

(Photo: Facebook) Angela Dawson, the Founder of 40 Acre Cooperative and the 40 Acre Ranch, which employs 60% of female farmers, is a one woman pioneer who is single handedly responsible for making sure that over 100 Black farmers, with more on the waiting list, are getting the tools and resources they need to succeed with the First (and only) Nationwide Cooperative Supporting “Socially Disadvantaged” Farmers.Angela is what you can truly call, an American Hero.Angela is making sure that money is being made and kept in the Black community while the earth is being regenerated, and healthy food is being grown for Americans across the country.Angela has always enjoyed membership in the local food co-ops in her home state of Minnesota, but she noticed a huge glaring issue- almost all of the co-ops were white run businesses operating in white communities. She found that Black farmers made up less numbers by population now than ever before.