Anthony Dixon Spent 28 Years In Prison For Crime He Didn’t Commit


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(Photos: Twitter\Innocence Project) In 1995, Anthony Dixon was wrongly convicted of a rape and robbery that had occurred two years prior at a motel in Harrisonville, Missouri.The entire case against him rested on a photo identification made by a male survivor and voice identifications made by that same male survivor and by a female survivor, who never saw the face of the person who attacked them. Anthony was sentenced to life in prison plus 60 years.The Midwest Innocence Project and Innocence Project teams began representing Anthony in his efforts to prove his innocence. Post-conviction DNA testing excluded him as the contributor to sperm found at the crime scene. But despite this powerful exculpatory evidence, Missouri courts would not exonerate him.Then, in December 2021, Anthony was paroled and walked out of prison after 28 years. But because the Missouri court still did not exonerate him, he’ll never receive the compensation he’s owed for the nearly three decades he lost to wrongful incarceration.