Aramark: Multibillion dollar food vendor starves and exploits prisoners

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This photo of “maggot stew” illustrates an Associated Press story about Aramark food service in Ohio prisons. by Kevin ‘Rashid’ Johnson Aramark, an Indiana-based food vendor that made the Forbes list and was named by Fortune 500 as the 27th largest employer, is a textbook case of capitalist corporate profiteering. At the profit end, with contracts in venues ranging from sports franchises to prisons across the country, Aramark brought in a reported $14 billion in revenues in 2018, with its CEO Eric J. Foss making $16 million. Consistent with the exploitative illogic of capitalism, the huge profits were acquired by Aramark keeping expenditures as cheap as possible while devising schemes to sell low quality goods at exorbitant prices, particularly in relation to its most powerless recipients. In this case prisoners. A history of prison scandal Prison systems all over the country contract with Aramark for food services, under a growing trend of prisons moving to cut costs by privatizing many of their custodial functions, including food service. In turn the private food vendors, also aiming to cut costs so as to reap the greatest possible profits, serve prisoners low quality food under filthy conditions. Over the years Aramark has remained...