As San Francisco mothers raising the next generation of San Franciscans, we will vote for Chesa Boudin for District Attorney

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Chesa Boudin and his contingent marching at Pride on June 30

Dear Voters,

We are mamas, many of us raising children of color in the City that we love. As educators, health workers, civil servants and community leaders, we contribute economically and culturally to make this city what it is: The City. Our children represent the future of San Francisco, and we care and strive to make the City more socially just – not just so that our own kids can live and thrive, but so that all children can, no matter their race or socioeconomic status. To accomplish this, we must raise our children to be thoughtful and caring people who make the right decisions for themselves and their communities.

We are raising children of color in a city that has, in the last two decades, seen a large mass exodus of families of color. Given the way our criminal legal system targets people of color; given the connection between our housing crisis, our homelessness crisis, and the criminalization of poverty and people of color, this exodus...