Atlanta’s Water Boys Make A Business Out Of A Childhood Hustle

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Atlanta is known for its many enterprises, and its local water boys are amongst its most known cultural elements. Three of these young entrepreneurs have turned the everyday hustle into a viable business that does more than make some extra cash. Three Atlanta adolescents have turned their after-school gig into “Water Boyz ‘N the Hood,” referencing the classic 1991 film. 11Alive spoke to Amir, Serg and Mekhi on how they found a way to make their brand about communal support and entrepreneurship. What was once boys selling water bottles on the side of the road has catapulted into all types of merchandise to accompany their main product, including hoodies, hats, T-shirts, and now branded bottles of water. The water boys’ efforts are not stopping with new marketing, but to learn more about the very product that started it all, by visiting water plants to gain knowledge on the distribution of safe, clean water to their communities. Not only are the sales connecting them to learn more of the industry they are undoubtedly are part of, but also to gain funding to support their families. “It did make me feel good,” shared one of the young co-owners, Serg. “I can buy...