Audio: Rapper Jim Nola MC Abedunego Names Preferred Death Substitutes In ‘Nkwe za Walumbe’


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By BigEyeUg Team; Ugandan rapper Jim Nola MC Adedunego has got a vibe-catching message that would relieve you in such a trying time if you listened to his new song ‘Nkwe za walumbe’.

According to Jim Nola MC, the great inspiration behind this song is drawn from the former deaths in the country that have claimed lives of the most darling personalities while excluding the useless.

Jim Nola MC Abedunego

In the song, the rapper is quoted mentioning some names of the fallen as he pleads to God to return them back to life and instead take the unwanted.

This new song was written by Jim Nola MC himself, produced by IB on the beat and mixed and mastered by Banq Records.

Listen to “Nkwe za Walumbe” here:

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