Aunts are the angels God sends to children

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Aunt and nephew"[T]he model middle child is patient and likes to take care of everyone." -Jennifer GarnerMy sister and my seven year old share the same birth order. They are& both the middle child. And this has given them a bond. She gets the challenges he has with distinguishing himself in a family with a talented and assertive older sister and a super cute, gregarious little brother.& She listens to him and she helps him shine. She also came up with a song that has made him think that middle children are the absolute best. I love her for that!The Middle Child RockThe middle child rocks!!!The middle child rules!!!(Repeat both lines at the top of your lungs with gusto!)It's been said that "[i]t takes a village to raise a child." That is absolutely true. My sister makes me a better mom because she compensates for me in areas where I am lacking. She is also much more fun than I will ever be!