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Sleazy Porn Lawyer Goes after Scumbags at Nike

The following article, Sleazy Porn Lawyer Goes after Scumbags at Nike, was first published on The Black Sphere. When Leftists attack each other, I rather enjoy the spectacle. And that’s the scene playing out today with sleazy porn lawyer, Michael Avenatti and black-people-using Nike. I have no...

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How Much Money Dangie Bros Make On YouTube – Net Worth

Dangie Bros Net Worth – $1.6 Million & Dangie Bros is a popular YouTube channel created by two brothers named Cam and Jeff then later added Rob. They have an estimated net worth of $1.6 milion. Their content is mainly composed of then building epic things in their backyard and competing i...

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Racial Student Achievement Gaps Have Remain Stagnant Over the Past 50 Years

A new study from researchers from Harvard University, Stanford University, and the University of Munich has found that the achievement gap between disadvantaged students and well-off students is as wide today as it was for children born in 1954 when it comes to tests in math, reading, and science. H...