by BA - 9 months ago

‘Unqualified’ Persons Posing As Engineers In Saint Lucia

Press Release:-  The Association of Professional Engineers of Saint Lucia (APESL) and the Engineers Registration Board (ERB) would like to advise the public that the Engineers (Registration) Act CAP 13.10 of the Revised Laws of Saint Lucia defines Engineering as follows: ““engineering” includes the...

by BA - 9 months ago

Details on Florida State Jauan Williams Arrested For Allegedly Chokeslamming and Spitting on His Girlfriend; His Girlfriend Goes On to Tell The Cops How She Would Hide His Weed (Pics-Police Report)

Transfer hopeful Jauan Williams may have bigger issues to deal with other than finding a place to continue his football career, the Florida State lineman was placed under arrest and subsequently charged with two counts of battery for allegedly physically abusing his girlfriend. Jauan William...

by BA - 9 months ago

Pierre Criticises Chastanet Over Statement About Colonialism, Economics

Opposition leader Philip J. Pierre has criticised Prime Minister Allen Chastanet over comments the PM made recently about colonialism and economics. And Pierre believes Chastanet owes Saint Lucians an apology. “He says that economics has no conscience and even colonialism had a conscience,R...