by BA - 9 months ago

Rastafarian Group Condemns Arson Attack On Vieux Fort Church

The Iyanola Council for the Advancement of Rastafari (ICAR), has condemned as ‘unacceptable’, Sunday morning’s arson attack on the Catholic Church at Pierrot, Vieux Fort. No one was reported injured in the attack in which a man set fire to a statue outside the building and was held...

by BA - 9 months ago

Opinion: Adam Schiff FEARFUL of Durham Report

Adam Schiff is a lying conniving Leftist skank. The man is a disgrace to politics and America. People will learn more about him soon. And that’s why Schiff has lots of reasons to feel fear. The amount of cover-up needed for Democrats is too big even for the swamp. Particularly given that the swamp h...

by BA - 9 months ago

Tyrese Haspil Lawyers to NYPD: “Stop Parading So Called Facts”

[Tyrese Haspil\Fahim Saleh] Legal Aid Society: "The statements attributed to ‘unnamed' NYPD sources are emblematic of a culture within the police department to rush to judgment and strip individual citizens of their fundamental right to a fair and impartial jury." Photo: Twitter Tags:& Tyrese Haspil...