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Covid-19 War Rages with New Weapons

The following article, Covid-19 War Rages with New Weapons, was first published on The Black Sphere. The city of St. Louis set up a hotline for citizens to report COVID-19 violations. F*cking 1984! I couldn’t believe this actually existed, so I had to click the link to make sure I wasn’t...

by Staff - 14 hours ago

Dozens Dead, Thousands Injured In Beirut Blast

BBC News:– A large blast in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, has killed at least 50 people and injured more than 2,700 others, the health minister says. Videos show smoke billowing from a fire, then a mushroom cloud following the blast at the city’s port. Officials are blaming highly explos...

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CSA Wants Answers To Questions About Public Service Appointments

The Saint Lucia Civil Service Association (CSA) is still seeking answers in relation to public service appointments, after an exchange of letters with the Cabinet Secretary on the issue. And the union has warned of unspecified action should a cabinet conclusion that gave rise to the questions not be...

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Super-sized Racism: Black McDonald’s Franchise Owners Should Matter

By Trevor Coleman Michigan Chronicle During a recent interview with CNBC news, McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski bragged that his company has “probably” created more Black millionaires than any other corporation. Setting aside the fact the NFL, NBA, and a few other businesses may have something to sa...

by Staff - 15 hours ago

Plainfield move ahead with Pace Bus expansion

Action taken by the Plainfield Village Board will allow the Pace bus company to ultimately add more service routes in the area. The board Monday approved the site plan a bus maintenance and storage garage for Pace at the Plainfield Business Park at Depot Drive and Van Dyke Road. Jake Melrose, econ...

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Pace seeks passenger input with COVID-19 survey

As our region cautiously reopens, Pace continues to work with communities, schools and businesses to keep service operating safely and plan the path forward. The agency also needs passenger input to help guide their decisions.