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Peter deGraft-Johnson – A Testament To Life & Death [2022] - The debut pamphlet from The Repeat Beat Poet contains poems written for their utility, their intensity, and their tenderness of spirit. For Peter, these poems function as blessings, memorials, prophe…Tweeted by @carltonrose_

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Bre Tiesi is basking in the joys of motherhood. The Selling Sunset star recently shared pictures of her son with entertainer Nick Cannon. Legendary Love Cannon was the epitome of precious in the snaps his mom shared online. The little one rested his head on his mom’s shoulder for all three pi...

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8 Reasons Why Your Hair Has Stopped Growing

You’ve been doing everything right: no tight hairstyles, low manipulation, gentle detangling, deep conditioning at least once a month. You practically follow every rule in the hair book to the letter. But despite all your efforts, your hair hasn’t increased even by half an inch in the pa...

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UN Body Calls For Halting Cryptocurrency Rise In Developing Countries

The UN trade and development body, UNCTAD, has called for action to curb cryptocurrencies in developing nations, in three policy briefs published on Wednesday. Although private digital currencies have rewarded some individuals and institutions, they are an unstable financial asset that can bring so...

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‘K-Ci and Sisqó Going to ‘Oh Yeah’ Your Azz for 30 Minutes!’: Fans Debate the Outcome of a Dru Hill and Joedici ‘Verzuz,’ Sisqó Says Jodeci Doesn’t ‘Want That Smoke’

“Verzuz” battles that are not likely to happen continue to have fans pitted against each other. The latest hypothetical throwing down of the gauntlet has R&B groups Dru Hill and Jodeci going hit for hit. The debate kicked off when popular comedian and social media personality Kev...