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Bakers delight: an interview with local baker extraordinaire Kayla Watson

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One of the delicious cakes from Kay’s Tasty Treats and Plates. by People’s Minister of Information JR Valrey, SF Bay View editor in chief& Art can be expressed through any medium, but some of the artists who are neglected the most in our community are the bakers, who can make people’s tongues dance with treats that melt in their mouths. Kayla Watson is a young Oakland mother who gained a love for baking while growing up with her grandparents, and when the pandemic hit, she contemplated turning her hobby into a business.& After a slow start, Kayla Watson became the go-to baker for her friends’ children’s birthday parties. When you look at her creations, it is unimaginable that she made these goodies in her house, instead of at some world class commercial facility.& Instead of just going to the big supermarket’s bakery section to get our cakes and party goods, we have bakers in our local neighborhood who can fashion you a unique design, instead of something generic like what the stores will give you. You might want to look up the work of Kayla Watson before you plan your next party. Check her out in her own words.& JR...