Banana Splits in a Brownie Bowl

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A homemade banana split has just been made better with the help of a brownie bowl. Make Banana Splits in a Brownie Bowl and add ice cream, sliced bananas, strawberry, and fudge topping, along with a chopped nut topping. Being a mom has definitely inspired me to look at food differently. I’m always thinking of ways to make a dish more appetizing to my very picky toddler and fun! It has not been easy trying to get him to eat his veggies without them being pureed in a pouch. Nor has it been easy getting his diet to be less carb-heavy and more balanced with protein. The one thing I don’t have to convince him of is when to recognize a good treat when he sees it. So imagine his eyes when he saw his mommy making these Banana Splits in a Brownie Bowl.  I hope no one out there is asking the question, “What is a banana split?” If so, I have a question for you, “where have you been all of your life?” Banana splits are one of the most delicious and traditional ice cream desserts that are made with a large sliced banana, topped with vanilla, chocolate,...