Banking on technology: five apps that will help keep track of your finances

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By Chrisleen Herard, Special to the AFRO (Photo courtesy of Altro) Technology in the finance industry has evolved over the years and made its way to managing money for both financial institutions and their customers. While many juggle going to work, paying their bills, building credit and maintaining a work-life balance, digital software applications have made it easier to track income and expenses as they assist their users in reaching their personalized financial goals.& Below are five apps that will improve your financial health and keep track of your finances. Altro: culture and finance Altro is a tool that values bringing financial freedom to underserved communities and all of its members. Not only does the Altro app help build credit by counting recurring and subscription payments, but it also contains financial literacy audio episodes that teaches users about personal finance and managing money through savings, emergency funds and taxes.& (Photo courtesy of Rocket Money) Rocket Money – bills and budgets Rocket Money is one of the highest rated software applications in the Apple App Store, ranked at #14 under the finance category. With over 3 million members, this personal finance app assists in managing their users net worth and achieving...