Battle of the ‘Real HU’: it’s more than just a game

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By Re’Jon Jones, Special to the AFRO In a highly anticipated matchup, the Hampton University Pirates emerged victorious against the Howard University Bisons on a sunny September afternoon. Both teams, playing at the Audi Field in Washington, D.C. on Sept. 16 showcased an& impressive display of talent, fostering an atmosphere of rich culture, legacy& and a friendly rivalry.& & The game, coined the annual Truth and Service Classic, drew an enthusiastic crowd of alumni, students, families and football fans alike. Both spirits and tensions were high as the two teams took the& field, aiming to put on a show for their loyal supporters.& From the first whistle, Howard showed their dominance, with quarterback Quinton Williams orchestrating a potent offense. Williams connected with his& teammates for three touchdowns in the first half, quickly putting the Bison ahead. The chemistry between Williams and his receiving corps, including& senior Kasey Hawthorne, was on full display as they moved up the scoreboard with ease.& & At halftime, over 16,000 fans paraded into the stands anticipating the legendary halftime show which showcased a battle between both HU bands. This& performance engaged the crowd with renditions of Black American classics,& talented dancers and showstopping drum majors....