Ben Simmons LIKES Skip Bayless’ Tweet Clowning James Harden

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At least James Harden showed up to play. Ben Simmons has a lot of nerve taking shots at Harden considering he bailed out on Embiid and left KD and Kyrie hanging. He has done nothing but collect money and chill with Maya Jama for over a year now. The Beard didn’t play well, but the hypocrisy of Ben Simmons calling him out for it is an astonishing lack of self-awareness.Joel Embiid has simply said that Harden will never be the guy from the Rockets again. Joel Embiid thought James Harden was going to be extraordinary with his performance when he moved from Rockets to Philadelphia 76ers but it seems he was wrong as he’s now realized that James isn’t the same as when he was with the Rockets.Joel expected more from James Harden but that’s not what’s happening at the moment and he seems disappointed.Prior to James Harden joining the 76ers, Joel Embiid had aspirations of competing for an NBA championship with a superstar guard in town. When Harden joined the squad, it seemed as if the missing piece to the championship-caliber team had arrived. Harden’s offensive prowess had driven the Rockets close to championships multiple times, but had never...