Best of Black Dallas Hairstylist Ain “Yemen” Moore

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 When becoming a hairstylist in the black community, a person has to put on many hats. A hairstylist is your first therapist, teacher, stylist; your comfort zone.   Your hairstylist can run their finger in their hair and cause a magical effect. This effect can take you from feeling and looking a little ashy. Then in a snap of the fingers were shiny and smooth again. We as a community sometimes don’t understand how much we need our hairstylists. They are our superheroes! I know my stylist has saved me from many bad hair day. They are artists! Being able to make art pieces out of hair, is a gift and we show appreciation for their hard work and how  deal with us. Ain Moore, is a licensed cosmetologist, who has been doing hair for 12 years. She recently founded Naptural YEEN Styles, a company that loves to showcase the versatility in everyone’s hair, by creating looks to match your personality, helping each person bloom into their greatness. “Hair to me is like a sunflower. The bright yellow petals are something that you can’t help but admire. I’ve noticed that my devotion to helping others through hair care, helps promote happiness,...