Bethune-Cookman Students Protest Campus Conditions and Demand Ed Reed Return as Football Coach

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The decision to ditch NFL Hall-of-Famer Ed Reed as the next football coach at Bethune-Cookman University has caused an uproar that has morphed into more chaos at the HBCU. Now, students are protesting the conditions of the campus after Reed brought them to light in a viral rant he posted on his social media account before getting his job offer rescinded. According to The Daytona Beach News-Journal, students at Bethune-Cookman University are upset that administrators cut off contract negotiations with Reed, so they took to the streets to protest campus living conditions. One student, freshman Keddler David, commented on the protest for better ground conditions. “It was a push for students to use their voices,” he said according to the outlet. Another freshman, James Rocker, didn’t like how Reed initially handled the situation, but also felt it was needed so the outside world would know what was needed on campus. “He was wrong for going on Live and saying what he said (in the manner he said it). But at the same time, he was right because the stuff he said was going on needed to be shown — what’s really going on at the school,” The News-Journal reported. On...