Biden betrays the Black activists who got him to the White House in filibuster stance

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by BA 89 Views - (Image/Twitter) President Joe Biden's clear intent to try to unify the nation is laudable. It's a message a very large chunk of America loves to hear: that the people they elected will come together to rebuild the nation and recover from the pandemic. "I come from a tradition in the Senate," said Biden. "You shake your hand. That's it. You keep your word." He singled out one Republican senator in particular, Ohio's Rob Portman. "You know, there's—Portman is a good man. […] He's a decent, honorable man, and he and I are working on trying to get this—this infrastructure bill passed. […] You shake his hand, it's done." That's Biden Wednesday evening. Here's that good, trustworthy man he's talking about Thursday morning.