Biden vs. Trump: 10 Questions That Should’ve Been Asked During Thursday’s Presidential Debate


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[2020 Election] BSN: "On Thursday, the catastrophic COVID-19 pandemic and its historic ill effects and disruption to multiple facets of American life hung over the debate like a dark storm cloud." Photo: YouTube Tags:& 2020 ElectionSecond Presidential DebateJoe BidenDonald TrumpCOVID-19Affordable Care ActReopening the EconomyCenters for Disease ControlCDCSystemic RacismPolicing CultureGeorge Floyd Policing ActSouth Carolina Senator Tim Scottcriminal justice systemSentencing ProjectNLIHCNational Alliance to End HomelessnessAffordable HousingStudent DebtProud Boys Boogaloo BoysPatriot FrontPatriot PrayerQAnonVanguard AmericaRace War