‘Bigly’ Mad: Donald Trump’s Civil Fraud Trial In 10 Fantastically Furious Photos

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Trump in New York State Supreme Court on October 2, 2023, in New York City. | Source: Pool / Getty If photos from the start of Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial in New York City are any indication — and they most certainly are — the Republican presidential candidate went through the gamut of angry and angrier emotions as he and his legal team were forced to defend themselves from allegations that have already been proven to be extremely valid. Source: Pool / Getty The fact that the so-called “law and order president” had to stand trial not only in his hometown but also in front of the media turned the orange tinge from Trump’s apparent spray tan to a steadily brightening red hue. The only thing seemingly missing from Trump’s “bigly” mad visage was the proverbial steam coming from out of his ears as he sat seething in a courtroom presided over by a smiling judge. WATCH: Judge Arthur Engoron, the judge in President Trump’s “civil fraud trial” was smiling and posing for the cameras in court today while President Trump was sitting in the court room. This is wildly inappropriate and proves the bias of the judge, and...