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Black In-State Applicants to the University of California System Are Down Slightly


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The University of California System has announced application totals from California students for its nine undergraduate campuses for the class that will enter this coming fall. Systemwide 132,226 students from California applied to at least one of the nine campuses. Of these, 8,519 students were African Americans, making up 6 percent of all applicants. The total number of applicants to the university system was down slightly from a year ago. That year Blacks were 7 percent of all applicants. African Americans made up 6 percent of the applicants at the flagship Berkeley campus but the total number of Black applicants to Berkeley was down slightly from a year ago. At the University of California at Los Angeles, Blacks made up 7 percent of all applicants, the highest level of any of the nine undergraduate campuses. But again the number of Black applicants to UCLA was down slightly from a year ago. At all other undergraduate campuses, Blacks were either 5 or 6 percent of total applicants. By state law, public universities in California at not permitted to consider race in admissions decisions. &