Black-Owned ‘Culturs Lifestyle Network’ Aims To Bring The Beauty Of Global Culture To Your Door

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The Culturs global multicultural lifestyle network activates 21st-century diversity by creating media, products and experiences that embrace hidden diversity. A certified black-owned business with a social mission, Culturs focuses on “in-between” cultural populations, including multi-ethnic, multicultural, mixed-race and geographically mobile (like immigrants, refugees and Third Culture Kids) with a focus on people of color – because everyone should feel like they matter. Culturs founder Doni Aldine and her team members around the globe each fit many of these in-between identities. They understand what it’s like to constantly feel out-of-place. “The beauty of growing up in so many different spaces is that one develops a breadth of understanding for many other people, cultures and ways of thinking,” she said. “Often, however, the same understanding isn’t afforded to the culturally fluid individual.” In this chasm, the idea for Culturs was born – a place where people can come together, create community, feel understood. Its vision is to enhance community and foster human connection for those with liminal, or “in-between” identities. A quarterly membership now can bring all of this to subscribers’ doors, so they can feel their community, even if it is not near, according to a press release. Culturs media offers...